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CA Coaching Classes at JDAX

Chartered Accountancy (CA) involves in-depth management of auditing, financial accounts, business, budgeting, taxation, strategy etc. For those who successfully qualify all the examinations of the CA course in India are all set to acquire the esteemed position of Chartered Accountant.

Thus, CAs are those professionals who are rigorously trained in various aspects of the functioning of an economy to managing the finances or advising people on financial management. This program is of three levels i.e. CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Final.

Programme Features

Leader in Financial Administration

At JDAX, we provide a very systematic, standardised coaching to outbeat anyone in the same line. We conduct  professional test practice to ensure high amount of confidence in the minds of the students, all at a very affordable cost.

Class Timings (Weekends)

Level: CA Intermediate

Level: CA Foundation

Level: CA Final

Course & Fees

CA Coaching (Weekends)

Saturday and Sundays


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CA Coaching (Regular)



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